The Unity150 rapid charging station charges electric vehicles with up to 150 kW. The powerful charging station guarantees a shorter charging time for up to 3 vehicles at the same time. The charging station is optimized for public and semi-public areas, whether at motorway service stations, company parking lots, in shopping centers, parking garages or in the depot for buses and commercial vehicles.

The Unity150 supports the three charging standards common in Europe. Type2 (AC), CHAdeMO (DC) and CCS (DC). 2 DC with 75kW each and 1 AC with 22kW charging process can run at the same time - or 1 vehicle can be charged with up to 150kW. The integrated load management system guarantees a fair distribution of the available power when two vehicles are charged at the same time via DC cables. The station communicates via the OCPP 1.6 JSON protocol, an upgrade to OCPP 2.0 is possible. "ChargeSphere - powered by Kostad" is the perfect addition to your fast charging solution for a web-based, efficient control and management system with which you can keep an eye on all of your charging stations.


Easy to maintain

Space saving



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