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Eloop - Electrified carsharing

Kostad & Eloop - Electrified carsharing ELOOP is a Viennese start-up with the vision to revolutionize car sharing in the capital. Environmentally friendly solutions are the main focus for the company. The team relies on a unique concept. The Eloop fleet consists purely of electric vehicles from small cars such as Smart, to mid-range cars such as a BMWi3 and the latest Tesla 3 models for the luxury segment. We at Kostad are enthusiastic about this concept and provide the company with a Tesla Model 3 for their fleet. Of course, our latest branding from Art Director Philipp Sanz should not...

TÜV Certification

Extension of the ISO 9001 Certification of TÜV Austria The highest quality and quality assurance are always our top priority. In the course of an audit, all areas of our company were subjected to strict controls. The ISO 9001 certification is a standard for quality management systems and defines the requirements for such.Various requirements must be met by a company in order to receive certification from TÜV Austria. With ISO9001, customer orientation, corporate governance, process-oriented approach, constant improvements, fact-based decision-making and customer relationship management are carefully examined. The certification also gives our customers the certainty and transparency that we are constantly...

Compatibility is a priority

Compatibility is a priority Together with Applus IDIADA, based in Spain, our Unity20 Mobile Charger was put through its paces. Applus IDIADA is a development service provider for the automotive industry with over 1000 employees at 27 locations worldwide. On behalf of various automobile manufacturers, Idiada tests the compatibility of their vehicles with the most common and innovative charging stations. So in February our Unity20 Mobile Charger set off for Santa Oliva. This time the charging station was tested with a newly developed Hyundai vehicle - and the result is impressive. These tests have already taken place with our charging stations,...

Imagevideo Kostad I Making of Part 2

PROJECT: REBORN PART II The second part of our new image film is now also in the box. Here we put our Unity50 charging station in the limelight. The Charger should look noble and its outstanding yet simple design should be in the foreground. Needed some items here and there of our production halls can be converted to achieve the desired effect. Despite its proud 370kg, the charging station was placed in the foreseen position without any technical aids. With selective light sources and an excellent camera team, we were able to capture the Unity50 on film very quickly as we...

Image video Kostad I Making of

PROJECT: REBORN At the beginning of March, the shooting began for the new image film for the electromobility division of Kostad. The start was in the historical ambience of the Austria Trend Hotel Astoria, first opened in 1912. The large salon provided the perfect setting for the desired dramaturgy of the commercial. A man, a Bösendorfer grand piano and the piece of music - nothing more was needed to get the desired result on film. Afterwards it went on to the neighboring Baden near Vienna. The Unity50 charging station was placed in the best weather and the second part of the...





Youtube Vlog

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video even more! Behind-the-scenes, charging station tests and many other videos can be found here or on our YouTube channel.