Kostad cable assembly

Highest quality and precision are always our top priorities at Kostad Steuerungsbau GmbH. We have also committed ourselves to this in the production of individual single cables up to complex cable harnesses. The connection cables or cable harnesses are designed as ready-to-connect segments according to the specifications of the application parameters.

For this purpose, we offer them comprehensive services and we manufacture cables specifically to their needs. In close cooperation, we support them from development to series production, whether for small or large series.




EU - Directives

Customized cables and for all applications from Lower Austria

All cables are manufactured strictly in compliance with current EU directives. Constant quality control ensures that our products will function properly for many years. The labeling of the cables is done internally with the most modern technical equipment. Our cables are also used internally in a wide variety of products such as control cabinets as well as charging stations for electric vehicles.

Take advantage of our know-how and experience and start your project with Kostad Steuerungsbau GmbH today.

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