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Compatibility is a priority

Together with Applus IDIADA, based in Spain, our Unity20 Mobile Charger was put through its paces. Applus IDIADA is a development service provider for the automotive industry with over 1000 employees at 27 locations worldwide.

On behalf of various automobile manufacturers, Idiada tests the compatibility of their vehicles with the most common and innovative charging stations. So in February our Unity20 Mobile Charger set off for Santa Oliva. This time the charging station was tested with a newly developed Hyundai vehicle – and the result is impressive.

These tests have already taken place with our charging stations, including the new CS3 Crossback from the Citroen brand. This guarantees that newly released vehicles are also ready for the charging stations on Market to ensure smooth and easy loads. Our chargers have always been able to convince and the compatibility is attested with a certificate from Idiada. Kostad charging solutions – quality MADE IN AUSTRIA

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